Interested in the field of Python Masterclass? Then this course is for you! This is designed in the way that we can share our knowledge and help you learn complex theory, algorithms and coding libraries in a simple way. We will walk you step-by-step into the World of Python. With every tutorial, you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of this challenging yet lucrative sub-field of Data Science. This course is fun and exciting.

Benefits of Learning Python

  • Python can be used to develop prototypes, and quickly because it is so easy to work with and read.

  • Most automation, data mining, and big data platforms rely on Python. This is because it is the ideal language to work with for general purpose tasks.

  • Python allows for a more productive coding environment than massive languages like C# and Java. Experienced coders tend to stay more organized and productive when working with Python, as well.

  • Python is easy to read, even if you're not a skilled programmer. Anyone can begin working with the language, all it takes is a bit of patience and a lot of practice. Plus, this makes it an ideal candidate for use among multi-programmer and large development teams.

  • Python powers Django, a complete and open source web application framework. Frameworks - like Ruby on Rails - can be used to simplify the development process.

  • It has a massive support base thanks to the fact that it is open source and community developed. Millions of like-minded developers work with the language on a daily basis and continue to improve core functionality. The latest version of Python continues to receive enhancements and updates as time progresses. This is a great way to network with other developers.




Basic Python Concepts

  • Installing Python And PyCharm
  • Hello World Program In Python
  • Some other mathematical operations in Python
  • Strings In Python
  • Accepting input from the user in Python
  • Performing operations on a string in Python
  • Variables in Python
  • In place operators in Python.
  • Writing our very first program in PyCharm

Control Structures In Python

  • If statement in Python
  • Elif statement in Python
  • Introduction to lists in Python
  • List operations in Python
  • List functions in Python
  • Range function in Python
  • Code reuse and functions in Python
  • For Loop in Python
  • Boolean logic in Python
  • While loop in Python

Functions & Modules In Python

  • Passing arguments to functions in Python
  • Making function return value in Python
  • Passing functions as arguments in Python
  • Modules in Python

Exception Handling & File Handling In Python

  • Errors & exceptions in Python
  • Exception handling in Python
  • Finally block
  • File handling
  • Reading data from file
  • Adding data to the file
  • Appending to a file

Some More Types In Python

  • Dictionaries
  • Dictionary Functions
  • Tuples
  • List Slicing
  • List Comprehension
  • String formatting
  • String functions
  • Numeric functions

Functional Programming In Python

  • Functional programming
  • Lambdas in Python
  • Map in Python
  • Filters in Python
  • Generators in Python

Object Oriented Programming In Python

  • Object Oriented Programming in Python
  • Inheritance in Python
  • Recursion in Python
  • Sets
  • Itertools
  • Operator overloading in Python
  • Data hiding in Python

Regular Expressions In Python

  • Regular expressions in Python
  • Search & find all
  • Find & replace
  • The dot metacharacter
  • Caret & dollar metacharacter
  • Character class
  • Star metacharacter
  • Group

Create GUI Apps In Python Using Tkinter

  • Tkinter : Hello world program
  • Tkinter: Using frames
  • Tkinter: Grid layout
  • Tkinter: Self adjusting widgets
  • Tkinter: Handling button clicks
  • Tkinter: Using classes
  • Tkinter: Using drop downs
  • Tkinter: Toolbar
  • Tkinter: Making Status Bar
  • Tkinter: Message box
  • Tkinter Drawing
  • Building Calculator App Using Tkinter

Data Analysis Using Python

  • Introduction to Data Analysis Using Python
  • Installing Tools For Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Pandas & Series
  • Converting Dictionaries to Series
  • Introduction to Data Frames
  • Changing Column Sequence
  • Changing Columns & Transposing Dataframe
  • Reindexing Series & DataFrames
  • Deleting Rows & Coulumns
  • Arithmetic operations on dataframe and series
  • Arithmetic operations in between dataframe and series
  • Sorting series and dataframes
  • Sorting according to values
  • Handling duplicate values
  • Calculating sum, max & min values
  • Dropping nan values
  • Loading data from a file
  • Analyzing file data
  • Creating Numpy Array
  • Another way to create an array
  • Logspace & Linspace
  • Slicing a Numpy Array
  • Advanced indexing and slicing techniques
  • Broadcasting
  • Iterating using nditer
  • Plotting data using Matplotlib

Make Web Applications In Python Using Django

  • Installing Django on Windows
  • Installing Django For MAC Users
  • Creating Our First Django Project
  • Creating Our Own App
  • Overview Of an App in Django
  • Creating Our Own Views in Django
  • Applying Migrations
  • Creating Books Table in Django
  • Final Steps in Creating Table
  • Adding Data to the Database Tables
  • Filtering the Results
  • Admin Pannel in Django
  • Creating Another View in Django
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Creating Templates
  • Rendering Templates
  • Raising a 404 Error
  • Designing The Detail View
  • Removing The Hardcoded Urls
  • Namespaces in Django
  • Using Static Files In Django
  • Creating Our Navigation Bar
  • Navigation Bar Touchup
  • Using Base Templates
  • Generic Views In Django
  • Design Touchup
  • Form To Add Books

Make Web Applications With Python Using Django 2.0

  • Using virtual environment
  • Creating An App
  • Overview of an app
  • Creating a View
  • Applying Migrations
  • Creating Models
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Adding Data To Database
  • Filtering Results
  • Creating A Super User
  • Creating Another View
  • Connecting To The Database
  • Creating Templates
  • Using Render
  • Raising 404 Error
  • Designing The Detail View
  • Removing Hard Coded URLs
  • Using Namespaces
  • Using Static Files
  • Designing Navbar

Make Web Applications in Python Using Flask

  • Creating Directory Structure
  • Hello world
  • Routing
  • Variables
  • Dynamic Urls
  • Passing Data To The Server
  • Templates
  • Templates Passing Data
  • Using Templates
  • Passing Form Data To Templates
  • Using Cookies

Building REST API's with Python and Django

  • Introduction to API
  • Building a basic REST API using Django REST Framework
  • Creating API Endpoints
  • Adding Image Field
  • Filtering
  • Search functionality
  • API Authentication

Learn How To Crawl Websites Using Python : Web Crawling

  • Python Web Crawler

Automation With Selenium Web Driver and Python

  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Installing Selenium
  • Opening a URL
  • Automating Google Search
  • Find Elements By XPATH
  • Clicking Links
  • Refreshing a Webpage
  • Using Forward and Backward Navigation Buttons
  • Scrolling and Getting the Current URL
  • Building A Facebook Auto Poster

Bootstrap For Django Introduction

  • Introduction To Bootstrap
  • Adding Bootstrap To Our Site
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Grid Classes
  • Bootstrap: Grid Classes
  • Grid Column Offset
  • Making Images Responsive
  • Nesting of Rows & Columns

Python Masterclass Certification Pass Guranteed!

  • Complete Your Course

  • Become Certified

  • Impress Your Employer


Pre-requisite for the course?

No any pre-requisite

What is the duration of course?

40+ hours

Who can take this course?

B.Tech/ Mathematics/M.Sc Statistics/M.Sc Physics Students

Working professionals

Where you will be after this course?

You will be able to know Python Programming language

You will be able to analyze data using Python

You will be able GUI application

You will be able to design dynamic websites

You will be able to design restful services

You will be able to test application using Silicon

Who will provide the training for this course?

Trainers who are/were working with corporate and have practical understanding of the subjects.

What is special about Excelvisor Technologies?

Excelvisor is a product based 4.0 industry company, we are very professional and we provide industry like environment to their students and we have good links and tie-ups with the corporate, which helps our students in their placements.



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